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Dramatis Personae

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Solomon of Shiran: A merchant based in the city of Shiran. You have all worked for him in the past.


Echerhart Argun: (EHK-er-hart Ahr-goo-in) Another Shiranese merchant and member of Shiran’s city council. Echerhart hired you to recover an evil artifact from the ruined temple of Pelor in the Silver Wood.


Parven: One of Solomon’s most trusted caravan leaders. Currently missing.


Cristoff Varwan: (krees-TOFF VAHR-wahn) His holiness, the High Priest of Pelor in Shiran. (Deceased?) Currently missing, but presumed dead.


Herrick Mulinex: (HEH-rik  MOO-lin-eks) A druid you met in the Silver Wood. He was a former Cleric of Pelor and cousin of the late Gaerdies Mulinex, High Priest of the Temple of Pelor near Silver Wood.


Gaerdies Mulinex: (GAYR-dees MOO-lin-eks) High Priest (Deceased) of the Temple of Pelor near the Silver Wood.


Amren Martell: (ahm-REN mahr-TELL) Sir Amren (Deceased) was a famous knight pleged to serve Pelor. He died over 200 years ago. You encountered an undead version in the catacombs beneath the Temple in Silver Wood.


Rikard Diarmet (rih-KARD DIE-ahr-met) Lord Baron of Shiran: (Deceased) Friend of Echerhart, slain in his room.


Erican “Eric” Mardith, (eh-ri-CAHN mar-DITH) Canon of the Shiranese Temple of Pelor. Fourth son of the Viscount of South Hold. Eric is acting as head of the Temple in Shiran now that Cristoff Varwan has disappeared or been slain.


Tharivol : (THAIR-i-vohl) “Wizard” of the tower in the Lortmil Mountains. Slain by the party in the streets of Tringlee. A pyrokinetic psion.


Silaqui: (SIL-ah-qwee) An elf you rescued from Tharivol. She claimed to be a messenger to the Duke of Ulek from the court of Celene. Suspected assassin.


Salvor Grenowin: (SAHL-vohr gren-OH-win) His Noble Radiance, the Duke of Ulek,


Tamuril: (TAM-oo-rill) Lady Tamuril, The Marchioness of Shallowbanks. The Duke of Ulek’s daughter.


Arlan Fennith: (AHR-lan FEH-nith) Lady Arlan Fennith, Lord Commander of the guard in Tringlee.


Albrect Pennith (ahl-BRECT PEH-nith) His Holiness the High Priest of Pelor in Tringlee.


Marten Bowers: Lord Marten Bowers the Earl of Redbank. Ambassador to the Duchy of Ulek from the kingdom of Keoland.


Master Doggel: (DOH-gell) Court Wizard in Tringlee.


Regan Megrith: (reh-GAHN MEHG-rith) Master Trader of the Western Trade Guild.


Belwin Sotal: (BELL-win soh-TAHL) The Honorable Belwin Sotal, Trader and member of the Tringlee City Council


Gregor: Discovered in hot pursuit of Silaqui  on the streets of Tringlee. Later questioned at the Seven Stars Inn.  He claims to be hired to seek out Silaqui.


Loric Martell: Unknown person mentioned in a letter involving intrigues between various states.


Ambrose: Unknown person mentioned in a letter about trade intrigues in Tringlee


Ronas (Gharin Boarish): (ROW-nass) (GAH-rin Boh-RISH) Unknown person  who authored two letters involving intrigues both minor and major. Later identified as Gharin Boarish. Slain by Egar in Tomorast manor.


Arris Arbetais: Conspirator along with Ronas. Slain below Tomorast manor by Queeg. Revealed to be a changeling imposter.


Eli Tomoroast: (EE-lie TOH-mor-ast) Younger brother of Heron. Rumored to have slain him and coveted his wife, Allissa. Roughly 30 years ago.


Heron Tomorast: (HEH-run TOH-mor-ast) Older brother of Eli. Head of house Tomorast in Tringlee until his death.


Alissa Tomorast: (ah-LISS-ah TOH-mor-ast) Widow of Heron. Rumored to have died or disappeared after his death.


Arron: Messenger from the Duke of Ulek.


Merryn: Lieutenant of the Tringlee Guard


Jos Hebbinford: Farmer in Hopford who  you met on route to Barrier Peaks.


Wat: Old resident of Harwood who tells you not to travel into the Barrier Peaks.


Ashlyn: Lightbringer Paladin of Pelor. You met her defending the village square in Bradeni. She is slain the next day by Danovitch in the church.


Bildrath: Owner of Bildrath’s Mercantile in Bradeni. He sold you over-priced goods.


Parriwimple: Bildrath’s nephew and stock boy. A simpleton.


Arik: Owner of the Blood of the Vine Tavern in Bradeni.


Ismark the Lesser: Son of the late Burgomeister (mayor) of the village of Bradeni. He was trapped in the tavern when the zombie incursion started. Slain By Strahd.


Ireena Kolyana: Sister of Ismark.


Kolyan Indirovivch: Late burgomeister of Bradeni.


Ishtvan / Strahd: The devil in the castle. Apparently the local lord. A Vampire and Necromancer.


Danovitch: Corrupted priest of Pelor. He was the town priest before being driven mad by the death of his son.


Doru: Danovitch’s son, slain by bandits and raised as a Blaspheme.


Madam Eva: A wise woman and Seer mentioned by many villagers.


Sir Urik: A paladin and the last Knight of the Raven.


Cyrus: Strahd's cook and Butler.


Sandor: Wizard who lives in the Svalich Woods


Gertruda: A young Woman from Bradeni, found living in the castle.


Lady Vey Rallen: A Ghost found in the castle.


Fandromar: A half-celestial claiming to be a Paladin. Slain after betraying the party. 


Thera: Necromancer slain by party.


Marten of Lorit: Member of the Iron Wheel trading company.


Pethis: Inkeeper at the Five Pennies in Hookhill.


Chundrain: Lexigrapher and book dealer in Hookhill.


Hubehn: (HWAY-bin) Former Seeker selling books to Chundrain.


Kerfane: Seeker from Greyhawk.


Kellek: Head of the Seeker Chantry in Greyhawk.


Rexus Kirian: Merchant prisoner you freed from Eli's minions


Rollo: Former Seeker guard you freed from Eli's minions


Aan'Achi: Githaynki prsioner you freed from Eli's minions. Cleric of Olidimarra.


Turlathane: Nalfeshnee demon. Servant of Eli Tomorast.


Yug Anark:  Gnoll Cleric of Yeenoghu. An ally of Eli Tomorast.


Kerzit: Demon lord. Guardian of the Tome of the Black Heart.


Roweena: Animated floating head in Maure Castle


Aeltoqq: Lich slain by Rebecca in Maure Castle


Afelbain Maure: Wizard of House Maure


Eluvia Maure: Relavtive of Afelbain. Considered dangerous by him.


"Y": Demon lord









Retainers and Cohorts

Bart: Gareth’s lackey and squire.

Olie: A man-at-arms

Myrdd: A man-at-arms

Franz: A man-at-arms.

Jori: A man-at-arms.

Arnulf: A man-at-arms.

Berem: A man-at-arms.

Fritz: A cook

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